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The Artemis Club

GNIN: The Artemis Club
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This journal is a creation of fiction, part of a role-playing game which uses celebrity names as a basis for characterizations. None of the information regarding government organizations, persons, or events is true in any way, and is not meant to be taken as anything other than fictional.

Welcome to GNIN, the Global Nuclear Intellignece Network. Meet the agents, follow the missions, and get involved.

Current active agent list:

Maggie Grace - agent_of_grace, played by airgiodslv
Katee Sackhoff - katee_off, played by queenofalostart
Miranda Otto - randy_girl, played by impasto
Kate Winslet - combat_kate, played by inbetweens
Janeane "Just call me Jane" Garofalo - jane_go_boom, played by cupiscent
Emma Thompson, played by msilverstar
Claire Keim - claire_de_femme, played by crazybutsound
Anne Hathaway - undercoverannie, played by shellies
Allison Janney - friendly__fire, played by bexone
Franka Potente - uffz_potente, played by captnobvious