Agent Katee Sackhoff (katee__off) wrote in artemis_club,
Agent Katee Sackhoff

Introductory Post for Katee

It's one thing not to get any sleep out there, it's another thing to lay awake at night in here. One of them's normal, the other one ain't. After the third night of staring at the ceiling of her quarters, trying to tire herself out with triple-digit reps of sit ups at 2am, she sees the medic. Who's no help at all. Of course. Wants her to get a massage, for fuck's sake, or consider a vacation – the former isn't a bad idea, actually, could be a plan she could get behind, but the latter's just preposterous. She's wound up because this, this sitting around is vacation. Sitting on her ass in between gigs, it makes her batshit insane. She's fucking bored. Can't they see that?

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