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August 1st, 0235 - Katee/Maggie

[takes place shortly after this and this]

Maggie shuts off the light in the bathroom before opening the door, trying not to disturb Katee on the couch; one towel wrapped around her chest and another in her hair. She pauses in the hallway, glancing back at the couch, and catches sight of Katee's eyes glinting in the dim lamp light. So much for being asleep; the noise from the shower must have woken her up. Maggie changes direction and pads out into the living room to say hello, pajamas folded over one arm and holding her towel on with the other.

"Hey," she says in greeting, perching on the far arm of the couch so that Katee can stay stretched out. "Sorry to wake you up. Were you sleeping for a while? You looked pretty out of it."

"Thanks." The word comes out harsher than she means it to, makes her sigh and push out a muttered "Sorry." Katee pushes her hair out of her face, fingertips against her forehead. A pause, and she clears her throat, shakes her head clear.

"Haven't been sleeping well." The words are a rush, and she continues before Maggie can ask questions, before she can voice her concern, because, really, Katee's heard it a thousand times before.

Instead, Katee continues, presses. "So, how was it?" Because she really does want to know, after all. "Tell me."

Maggie shrugs, evading the subject. "It was a mission." Katee deserves more than that, though, at least the summary of main points, so Maggie relents almost immediately, speaking quickly to pre-empt the scowl she's in danger of earning. "We got five, but they didn't lead us any higher up the ladder, so I got pulled out and local authorities made arrests. Small fish, all of them. Involved, but not dealers. Middle men."

She lets her aggravation with that result show clearly, yanking the towel out of her hair and combing through it roughly with her fingers. "Honestly? I think they only pulled me out because they knew I wasn't getting anywhere, and they've found another target, a better one. I have a briefing for another assignment tomorrow right after my debriefing for this one."

"Better to get out sooner, rather than later, less waste of time and resource." Katee shrugs against the couch cushions, burrows under the blanket a little more. "But I get how you'd be frustrated. I'm fucking frustrated sitting here."

"Sit down, you look like you're about to fall down." A stretch turns into a yawn and Katee curls up, leaves room on the couch for Maggie. "A got a briefing tomorrow, too. Maybe we're on the same assignment? That would be--" She coughs, covering up a laugh, hides her smile under the blanket. "Interesting."

Maggie allows a small smile, and comes around to sit on the couch proper beside Katee. "That's a polite way of putting it," she comments, trying to imagine the two of them actually working together rather than just living and training. It's an amusing and somewhat enticing thought, but she doesn't know that added time together when you're already together nearly all-day-every-day would be good for any relationship.

"I wonder if they'd actually send us in together, though. Usually you don't get to go straight in and start blowing stuff up, I have to play nice and cuddle up to the target, first." She tries to keep the bitterness from her voice. It's an after-effect of coming home, she's found - the first night back, she never feels clean. "Make sure it's one worth blowing up."

She recovers her fractured smile, a bit tired but still useable, and starts combing through her hair to fluff it out a bit, so that it will dry before bed. "How're things going here, anyway? They keeping you busy?"

Katee harrumphs into the blanket, restless against the cushions. "If busy means doing fuck all, then yes." She closes her eyes and blows an errant strand of short blonde hair out of her face. "Sigourney's on the rampage, though. So I've been entertained." A pause, and she looks, really looks at Maggie. She looks tired, fingers yanking on her hair, eyes distracted. "Hey." Katee pokes Maggie with her blanket-covered toe. "You're tired. Get to bed."

Maggie looks over, startled, and has to smile ironically back. "So are you," she challenges, nodding to the dark circles beneath Katee's eyes. She tosses her hair back with a shake, issues an ultimatum with eyes barely half-open. "I'll go if you go."

She doesn't wait for an answer, because Katee can be stubborn when she feels like it, and Maggie isn't in the mood to argue. "Come on," she urges, adjusting her towel and heading towards the beckoning bedroom. "We can talk more tomorrow after the briefing."

"Hmm, 'kay." Katee heaves herself off the couch, clutching the blanket. She takes three steps to her room, nearly trips over her boots. "I'll get those later, promise." She looks up at Maggie, half-smiles. "I know, I know." She stretches, tosses the blanket over to Maggie with a lazy motion. "See you in the mornin', Sunshine."

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